We are Christians who are determined to remain loyal to Jesus Christ as our governments pass laws to force acceptance of sinful practices and false religion.  Hence our motto:

"When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God, Our Duty is Clear, We Must Obey God Rather Than Men"

The name "Outlaws Chapel" was adopted in recognition that we cannot obey laws that violate God's Law, therefore we will be considered outlaws by those who push such agendas.

We take seriously our duty to serve as "salt and light" to our communities and our nation (Matthew 5:13-14) and our duty to be faithful "Ambassadors" of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20).
These verses make it clear that the Christian Church is to serve as the conscience of the nations, but sadly, the Christian church has retreated from the public square, leaving vital posts to be filled with godless humanists and atheists. 
Because of this, depravity, perversion, false religion and corruption are running rampant and the storm clouds of religious persecution are forming.

This is no time to be a silent Christian.  A silent Christian is a defeated Christian.

If you are a man or woman of faith, determined to take a biblical stand against evil and blasphemous agendas then consider becoming a member of the Outlaws Chapel.

In this website you will meet like minded believers from around the world who are facing the same anti-God threats.  We must stand together to encourage one another to draw ever closer to our God and Savior.  To know Him more and more every day.

Inside, you will find videos and forums to educate and encourage you to present a biblical defense when confronted with homosexuality, Islam, corruption and the endless myriad of lies that spew from the anti-God crowd.

Jesus was gentle and compassionate on those who were suffering, but he was bold as a lion when confronting the purveyors of evil.  The Outlaws Chapel strives to emulate Christ in our everyday mission to a world at war with God.